Time After Time


8 April
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Be someone who is useful and not disappoint others.
without changing the identity, and keep smiling in the face of all things.
being yourself is not something harmful.
you're you, they are them. believe yourself and love yourself.

I just ordinary girl who love ALL ABOUT YAOI, KAT-TUN, AND SATOH TAKERU.

I like to be friend with everyone.
and i love if you want to be my friend.

But, i just warning you about me..
I have this facebook because i want to be my self..
what i share..
what i give stats..
what i want to talk..
and what i want to do, thats all is my AUTHORITY..

i never feel disturb everyone because what i do..
what I'm doing, either directly or indirectly, i never want to disturb everyone..

So, if you feel disturbed by what I did,Feel free to UNFRIEND or HIDE me from you list friend.
i never force you to my friend.

and for you who want to be friend with me, just please read "BIO".
i dont want everyone to disturb me just because what i am doing.
because before you add me,I WAS WARNING YOU. you will now what the consequences.

Ava Credit: harajukyuu